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Texas is the biggest beef producer in the United States. So if there’s one place you can count on getting a good steak, it’s the Lone Star State. It’s frustrating if dental damage leaves you unable to enjoy a well-prepared ribeye or porterhouse.

If you’re having a hard time chewing, fortunately, we can repair damaged teeth and replace missing ones in Smile Advanced Dental Care in New Braunfels, TX with Dr. David Crowe. Our restorative dentistry services can get you eating a juicy steak again in no time!

To schedule a restorative dentistry consultation with Dr. David Crowe who can help you if you’re having a hard time chewing, call Smile Advanced Dental Care at 830-476-5112.

Repair Dental Damage with Restorative Dentistry

Dental damage comes in many forms, including cavities, infected teeth, and broken teeth. Good thing we’ve got a wide variety of restorative dentistry services to repair your smile. Among our services:

  • Tooth fillings. Unlike some dentists who use only one type of tooth filling, we use several different kinds of filling materials to ensure you’ll get the one most appropriate for your situation.
  • Root canals. We use a technique that makes the procedure quicker and easier.
  • Dental crowns. These versatile restorations can repair cracks, breaks, and severe cavities.
  • Dental bridges. Bridges can replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth.
  • Dental veneers. These not only cover flaws like chips and cracks, but they also strengthen your teeth to prevent further damage.
  • Dental implants. When combined with a dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures, dental implants give you a look and feel similar to your own smile.
  • Dentures. For functionality that feels like your own teeth, we can attach dentures to dental implants.

We Ensure Your Comfort

Restorative dentistry procedures can be more involved than other dental treatments. Dr. David Crowe and our staff in Smile Advanced Dental Care will ensure you’ll remain comfortable the entire time with:

  • Patient-friendly technology like digital X-rays and digital teeth impressions that help keep poking and prodding to a minimum
  • Amenities like warm towels and pillows to keep you relaxed in our chair
  • Dental sedation if you need it

If you’re interested in restorative dentistry and if you’re having a hard time chewing, call Smile Advanced Dental Care at 830-476-5112. Or use our online form to make an appointment at our New Braunfels, TX dentist office. We’re conveniently located a short drive from Landa Park. Our thorough, comprehensive care has earned us multiple “best dentist” awards in the annual New Braunfels, TX Herald-Zeitung Readers’ Choice survey. Dr. David Crowe also appeared on a list of Super Dentists in Texas Monthly Magazine.

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